"As a councillor, my most important area of focus will be affordability, both in time and money,”

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Meet Steve Kim

To start I would like to acknowledge that our City of Coquitlam resides on the core territory of the Kwiketlem First Nations people and lies within the shared Traditional Territories of the Tsleil-Waututh, Katzie, Musquem, Squamish and Sto’:lo Nations. We thank you for sharing this land with us.

"As a councillor, my most important area of focus will be affordability, both in time and money,”

As a homegrown kid (Centennial Grad '90) who has a strong background in technology, entrepreneurship, non-profits and community service I want to help contribute workable ideas that represent our residents. I have years of experience in leadership, organizational culture and governance. I’m a mentor who believes in building our next generation of leaders. I'm also a mentee who believes in lifelong learning and development. I’m open and accessible and believe in transparent processes to get people engagement and build trust.

From my years in startups, communications and community engagement, I know the importance of upfront consultation, planning and strategy. In my work world, we call it the ‘Discovery’ phase. This phase is meant to ensure all stakeholders are consulted and made part of the process... it ensures research and data are reviewed… it allows different perspectives to be discussed… so that important, meaningful decisions can be made with as much information as possible. I will bring that to City Hall.

I have also built my career on listening to others. I take a balanced approach to all I do. I know my opinion and/or perspective is at minimum one of three--There is always an opposing view and one in the middle. As such, listening and communicating openly is key to creating a complete view during the decision making process. I will bring my balanced, holistic approach to City Hall.

I have a lot to offer, but I realize I still have much to learn. With this in mind, you can be sure that my thirst for information, commitment to open communications and inherent nature for balance will help guide my way.

- -

We have a lot of amazing things going for Coquitlam, so my goal is to help keep everything that’s awesome about our city while finding ways to make it an even better place to live and work while enjoying time with family and friends.

As a councillor, my most important area of focus will be affordability, both in time and money, I pledge to respect our tax dollars and look for cost-saving opportunities throughout the year, but also, I plan to help cultivate a welcoming business environment that nurtures entrepreneurship and creates local jobs for people to remain close to home. This cuts down on time spent commuting, lowers transportation costs and most importantly, increases time for family and friends to enjoy all the world-class parks, facilities, libraries, arts, culture and heritage that Coquitlam has to offer.

Please join me to ensure we all can #LiveWorkPlayGive in our community of Coquitlam.


I want to ensure a livable community that balances affordability with quality of life for all residents of Coquitlam. I support mixed use zoning policies that integrate transportation strategies and neighbourhood amenities to meet the needs of our families, seniors and young adults.

Simply put, growth, especially rapid growth, creates many opportunities, but also challenges. With an eye to uncover and solve these challenges at the start of the process, we can work together to overcome them and build a complete Coquitlam for all residents. I support:

  • Mixed-zoned developments that integrate retail, office, and residential living to help people save time on commutes, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and putting money back in our pockets.
  • Balanced mix of affordable housing units, seniors housing, purpose-built rentals and secondary suites in addition to townhomes, duplexes and condos that fit the neighbourhood profile and needs (now and into the future).
  • High-density units near transportation hubs that also include 2BR+ options and medium-density boutique living options around commercial zones including live/work options.
  • Modernizing our infrastructure and processes for 21st century requirements.
  • Car share, ride share, bike share, and trails that add safety and convenience for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Support public safety initiatives at all levels (roads, schools, parks, transit hubs, etc).
  • Developments that integrate design with plans for traffic (flow and safety), parks, recreation, indoor facilities (ie. daycare, seniors, public art, culture and heritage) and commercial/office usage.
  • More to come…

As a small business owner in the tech and non-profit sectors, I want to nurture a thriving business environment in Coquitlam—One that fuels creativity, facilitates information exchange, builds networks and supports one another so that our businesses are sustainable and can grow locally. I believe a stronger local economy results in more diversified tax base and a stronger local community. Let’s work together to:

  • Build out a strong entrepreneurial culture and small business community that supports existing and future industries, creates local jobs to retain our talent.
  • Respect our taxpayers at all levels and build out a stronger tax base.
  • Invest in commercial/office space and infrastructure that supports economic growth and the free flow of goods and services.
  • Provide clear and transparent communications and processes for businesses, community builders and residents to ensure clarity and increase efficiencies.
  • Collaborate with mentor groups, schools and higher education institutions to prepare our workforce for the future and build leaders of tomorrow.
  • Develop the Coquitlam brand to attract businesses and investment that support our community over the long-term.
  • More to come…

A strong community means having fun, creative and active areas that are safe and close to home. By nurturing strong business and residential communities, we can build our tax base to further support the development of our tourism, parks, recreation, arts and cultural so they add value to our city and enhance our everyday lives. I aim to:

  • Work with entrepreneurs and small businesses to attract hospitality businesses and services that enhance our quality of life. I want to pave the way for our festivals and entertainment options to thrive in our local community.
  • Promote tourism, film, hospitality, festivals and recreational sectors that cater to our community and act as destination for people across the Lower Mainland.
  • Look for innovative ways to support and invest in our incredible parks, indoor and outdoor facilities in addition to making public art, culture, libraries and heritage areas an important part of our every lives.
  • Support our outdoor enthusiasts with facilities for hikers, cyclists, skaters and mountain bikers, etc.
  • Celebrate our diversity and richness of our community by supporting our seniors, recreational and community centres.
  • More to come…

As an avid volunteer for many charitable initiatives, I know that organizations, from grassroots to long-standing non-profits, play a key role in so many lives. I support activities that help and develop our people and programs throughout our community.

  • With a healthy economy and growing business community, together we can work to give where we live and care for one another.
  • I will act as a bridge between communities to build understanding and find common ground so that we turn challenges into opportunities for all.
  • I plan to give myself to our community, with open access and regular meet and greets and/or forums.
  • Advocate for accessibility, diversity and inclusive environments for all.
  • More to come…

I believe that Coquitlam is the best place in Canada to call home. I am inspired by this opportunity to serve our vibrant community and I hope to earn the trust of residents one doorstep at a time as the campaign unfolds.

Steve Kim Bio

As president of Boilingpoint Group, Steve brings over eighteen years of expertise in strategic marketing, communications and business development gained from his experience within the digital media, technology, entertainment, and non-profit sectors. Today, he and his team focus on strategic thought leadership and cross-cultural advisory solutions for diversity and inclusion in the digital world.

Big into community building, Steve currently volunteers his time serving as:

  • a director of the Maillardville Residents Association (since 2017)
  • a director and board secretary for Place des Arts (since 2013)
  • a committee member for ACCESS Youth (since 2018)
  • a member of the Economic Development Advisory Committee for the City of Coquitlam (since 2015)
  • council member of the inaugural Joint Task Force Pacific – Diversity Council for the Canadian Armed Forces (since 2017)
  • a director of the Canada Korea Business Association (since 2014)
  • an officer for the BC Liberal Party (since 2017)
  • project team member for the Frederick Lee Walkway at The Hill 70 Memorial Project in France (since 2017)
  • an advisory council member for Fairleigh Dickinson University’s School of Business (since 2018)

Previously, Steve was a two-time MLA candidate for the BC Liberals, was the chair and director of C3 Korean Canadian Society (a community group he co-founded in 2003), a member the Multicultural Advisory Council for the Province of BC, and the president for the BC chapter of the American Marketing Association. He also served as the vice chair of volunteers for the 2015 CP Women’s Open, a two-term mentor for the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and PR representative for the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, Chimo Community Services and Tsengdok Monastery / Tibetan Cultural Society of British Columbia (during the H.H. the Dalai Lama’s visit in 2014).

A graduate of Centennial Senior Secondary (class of '90), Dr. Charles Best Junior Secondary (class of '88) and Meadowbrook Elementary, Steve holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario, and a Master of Arts from Korea University, where he specialized in the study of venture-backed technology, business and economics.

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